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It is not only a bath to have a clean and healthy pet, but it will also have a relaxing and revitalizing massage for your spoiled one.
Includes Shampoo, hair drying, nail cutting and ear cleaning.

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Includes shampoo, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, Sanitary Cut and paws
Grooming service for your pet, contact us for more information

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A complete bath for your pet, with a massage and professional care products.
Includes shampoo, drying, nail cutting, ear cleaning, Sanitary Cut, paws, cutting or deshedding

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Is the process of removing hair from your pet's undercoat which may not be effectively removed with you're the of brushing or combing, as these focus primarily on removing hair and debris from the top layer of fur.

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You have found the best pet sitting care services in the Orlando, Kissimme and Saint Cloud area , We are Professional in the Pet Care Because your Pet deserves the best and need to feel like they are at home.

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Pet sitting

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Pet sitting.

Professional care of your pet, a delicate experience.

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Advice for the care at home of your pet.

Pet bath

we pick up and drop off your dog for a great grooming and bathing day at our location

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Tips for Pet Owners

Woof !, we must take care of our furry friends, here are some tips:

  1. Identification tag. In the collar or harness that you put on your dog, you can include a metal tag with his name and your phone number. Even if you have educated him very well and take extreme precautions, your dog can escape. To stay more calm, make sure it is identified with this type of badge, so anyone who finds it can easily locate you to return it to you.
  2. Microchip. It is as necessary as it is fundamental. Unlike the veneer, you cannot put it on yourself at home, you must go to the vet. In this way, you take advantage of its presentation in the consultation and some practical advice to take care of your dog
  1. Hygiene is another aspect that you should not neglect. Brush your dog daily, or several times a day if he has a lot of hair. With this gesture, in addition to removing hair and dead skin, you close ties with your dog and strengthen your bond. Take advantage of and take care of your dog to the maximum: talk to him with affection, pet him, let him feel all your love and respect.

Las visitas al veterinario solo deben ser rutinarias. Nadie quiere acudir al veterinario en caso de emergencia. Aunque ocurren accidentes, evite enfermedades o infestaciones de parásitos en su perro con buenos hábitos de higiene, una nutrición adecuada y visitas regulares al veterinario.

Lo mejor de cuidar a tu mascota es para hacerlo con dedicacion, observarla y conocerla. De esta manera poco a pocos la entenderar y notaras que necesita, y si necesitas nuestra opinion llamanos al 321 368 0510

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